Weatherproof and enhance the aesthetics of your walls in Birmingham with our rendering solutions

Rendering is a popular decorative application for walls that involves applying a cement, sand or lime plaster coating on them to make them last a lifetime and prevent potential erosion.

Our expert renderers can help you enhance and protect the interior and exterior walls of your Birmingham home with a wide range of rendering services.

We offer unmatched rendering services that are water-resistant and offer superior insulation, owing to the thickening of the walls, as a result of the rendering application.

We provide extensive rendering and re-rendering options

Our rendering services are available in a variety of decorative application styles and textured finishes. We also offer re-rendering services if you have degraded wall renderings. Our renderers can provide a patch-up job if the affected area is small, or totally strip out the existing render and apply a new coat.

No matter the size and type of your house, our rendering team provide an extensive selection of decorative and textured renderings that include:

  • Lime renders
  • Polymer renders
  • Cement renders
  • Insulated renders
  • Lightweight thin coat renders
  • Coloured renders
  • Acrylic renders
  • Monocouche renders

Contact one of our renderers today to discuss your rendering requirements. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate and site survey, on 0121 737 5002.

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