Our Artex removal experts restore smooth & clear ceilings

Free estimatesWith Artex losing its popularity you may want to get rid of your existing Artex covered walls and ceilings in Birmingham. We have been dealing with Artex covering for several years and can offer you the best Artex removal or covering solution, to give your walls and ceilings a smooth finish.

Whatever be your need for Artex removal services, from repairing rundown walls, or creating loft and garage house extensions, you can trust our fully qualified plasterers to provide a professional Artex removal service.

Comprehensive range of Artex removal and covering options

Based on the type of Artex that you have on your walls or ceilings, we offer customers across the area with a choice of Artex removal and covering options, which include:

  • Overboard with plasterboard: Replacing your existing coving and using plasterboard to skim the walls and ceiling
  • Applying plaster: Scraping away existing Artex and applying a 2-3mm plaster coat
  • Re-skim with PVA: Perfect for shallow Artex ceilings

Our plasterers provide a non-messy removal or covering service with minimum disruption to your household. Want to redecorate your walls and ceilings with paint or wallpaper and remove your existing Artex?Discuss your Artex removal requirements with our reliable team.

We can offer you a free consultation and free estimates on any Artex removal solution in Birmingham. Contact us today, on 0121 737 5002.

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